Continuous development,
sustainable success


We adopt the approach of “not me but us”. We offer an open, collaborative and interactive working environment encouraging the sharing of ideas and enabling the creativity to flourish. We support innovative recommendations and put into practice that make us successful in order to make it possible to deliver a creative and innovative working environment. We strongly focus on teamwork, and encourage people at every levels to be inclusive.

People Oriented Understanding of Management

We pay attention to the professional and personal development of our employees. For this purpose, we make investments on the career goals of our employees through the training and development activities we organize. We are of opinion that open communication makes employees and teams strong.

Our Team

Our team with different expertise but a common passion and vision is a group of people, who strictly adhere to one another, working together to transform not only physical spaces but the life of people.

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Whether you are a professional planning the next career step or a new graduate taking the first step in the business life, we offer you an exciting working environment full of opportunities to further improve yourselves.

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If you want to broaden your horizon in an encouraging environment that offers you opportunities to reveal your potential in order to further improve yourself and take further steps in your career, SPOINT offers you what you are looking for.